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How We Solve It?


How We Deliver It?


Medio uses OPD area's waiting room Televisions to deliver targeted message at the moment of greatest impact

  • SaaS based Internet of Things platform (IoT)
  • Remotely controlled content management
  • Can run even without internet (offline mode)
  • Ability to upload personalised content
  • Centralized control for all TVs of Hospital/Clinic/Chain Of Clinics

Enhancing Patient Communication

Medio facilitates doctors to communicate with patients in real-time

  • Dynamic news like ticker to flash contextual messages on TV
  • Simple mobile app to manage communication
  • Know your Doctor Profiling
  • Eases patient waiting time through Queue Management System

Medio Patient App

Medio patient app is to Educate and Empower people to live Healthy Lives

  • Dedicated to delivering the best patient education experience for viewers
  • Search or browse by disease/condition/speciality
  • Discover a new way to access Authenticated and Verified content by Experts
  • Better recall of treatment instructions

For Advertisers

Discover how point-of-care marketing can help build your brand

01 Targeted Marketing

Get unprecedented ability to tailor product Ad according to audience demography,specialty of the Hospital/Clinic

02 Captive Audience

Our point-of-care television network engages patients who are actively thinking about their health right before they speak to their doctor

03 Run Campaigns

Deliver your brand message at the ideal time and place.Run and control campaigns like never before.Pay as you go and pay only for your usage

04 Analytical Report

Realtime reports to measure ROI,viewership and impressions

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